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DONG IL TECHNOLOGY has been contributing itself to the
development of machine vision technology as a professional
enterprise specialized in vision system, through continuous
Research and Development since its foundation.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our
customers and employees for continuous support.

DONG IL TECHNOLOGY is developing the optimal vision solution that
enable our customer to enhance competitiveness in increasingly
challenging and complex business environments. Succeeded in
localizing Machine Vision Camera and Software, we have achieved
the superiority of price and quality, and built our integrated
management system for development, manufacturing, and
distribution. We believe everything is attributed to your warmhearted
supporting and cooperation. We promise to return our gratitude to
our customers with outstanding quality and the best service,
and endeavor to become a Global Top Tier in the Machine Vision industry.

DONG IL TECHNOLOGY pursues ethical corporate activities
as our highest priority and profits as our second.
Now, the values of coexistence, prosperity, balance, and
harmony among customers, employees, and local community is
regarded as our primary management goal, and these are what
drive us to move forward. Having with this faithful belief,
we will be your reliable business partner who cares
for your voices and concerns the most.

Thank you.



Create the Product beyond Imagination.
DONG IL TECHNOLOGY makes it come true with our unique DNA.

DNA 1: Trust & Faith
DONG IL TECHNOLOGY has reliability. With highest level of respect,
each of veterans and young employees who have fresh ideas share
various thoughts between each other. With this, we are experiencing
synergy effect which helps us to build strong sense of trust and
cooperation. This always allows us come up with great and optimal
solutions for our customers.

DNA 2: Creative Thinking
Creativity at DONG IL TECHNOLOGY means respect of diversity.
Our employees share their own ideas through the free discussions
and careful considerations. This gives us a driving force to provide
the best vision solution to our customers in the increasingly
challenging and complex business environment.

DNA 3: Passion
DONG IL TECHNOLOGY has passion to vision solution.
Passion to vision solution drives us to succeed.
Employees are continuously developing themselves
to become a vision specialist. Based on this,
we are approaching our customers with ever-developing
innovative vision solutions.

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