PCB Assembly

When PCB product features and appearance are inspected by
human vision inspection, defects can be found, depending on a
degree of experience or fatigue of workers even after the inspection.


Problems of Inverse or incorrectly inserted parts in
PCB assembly process are fatal to the complete product.
A new method to maximize quality reliability is essential
in the miniaturizing electronics market.


inno-eye increase the efficiency of production considerably
as managing the inversely or incorrectly inserted parts
by subdividing them into smaller parts, preventing them
mixing with different parts, and improving traceability.


With only one registration of the job files for each inspection,
inno-eye can perform various inspection of shapes, sizes, position,
and so on precisely and promptly.

It will be realized to guarantee the quality of products and build
customer loyalty and reliability with prevention of defects
and maximizing productivity.

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